For most people, a serious auto accident involving severe injuries will cost them more than their insurance company is willing to part with. The financial costs can be devastating, and are further compounded by the emotional scarring that can result from a severe trauma like a brain injury or spinal injury. Our Honolulu personal injury attorney law firm can help your family get adequate compensation from the insurance companies
— not only to cover your financial losses, but also to make up for the harrowing emotional distress the accident has caused. When you hire our team, we can begin working to get you coverage for all costs related to the accident, including emergency room visits, diagnostic testing, rehabilitation, surgeries, medication, and more. If the injury victim is unable to work, you may also be entitled to receive lost income to help you meet costs of living like mortgage or rent.


Here in Hawaii, the same ocean that we enjoy for all types of recreation can become an accident scene if negligent, inexperienced, or intoxicated boat operators ignore the watercraft safety regulations. At the law firm of Attorney Michael Healy, we’ve seen too many serious injuries and fatalities result from preventable mistakes. It is our goal to hold careless boaters accountable for the harm they caused and send a message to our island communities that lack of safe boating will not be tolerated. We can investigate your accident and help your family fight for fair compensation after crashes involving personal watercrafts like jet-skis, fishing boats, catamarans, speedboats, tour boats,sailboats, and other types of water vessels.


A criminal conviction can seriously harm a person’s reputation, devastate their career,threaten their freedom, and limit future opportunities. At the law firm of Attorney Michael Healy, we understand the life-changing consequences of criminal charges and we’ll work tirelessly to help you avoid the negative impact of criminal punishment. Our experienced criminal defense team applies focus and strategy to investigate the charges thoroughly and uncover any and all details that may help you protect your reputation and freedom.

As a former Honolulu Deputy Public Defender for 14 years, Attorney Michael Healy has tried over 100 criminal jury trials, in which most of his former clients were either acquitted, convicted of a lesser charge, or received a favorable plea agreement involving probation or a deferral. We handle all types of criminal defense cases, including theft, robbery, assault, negligent homicide, drug offenses, extortion, DUI, unauthorized use of
a motor vehicle, prostitution, and various traffic offenses.


Employees and job applicants have certain protections afforded them under federal,state, and local laws that make it illegal for employers to discriminate against them based on age, race, disability, pregnancy, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.From getting turned down for a job to getting passed over for a promotion due to prejudice, there are many ways that discrimination can affect the livelihood of deserving people. Wrongful termination is also grounds for filing a claim against an employer if discrimination is suspected. If you are being treated unfairly at work, have been passed up for a job, or have been wrongfully terminated, Attorney Michael Healy can help you file a claim against the employer and bring the illegal discrimination practices to light.


Doctors make tough, spur-of-the-moment decisions on behalf of their patients every day.But when a physician’s decision results in serious, irreparable harm, it is only natural to question the actions of the doctor. However, many people who suspect malpractice are intimidated by the thought of accusing a medical professional and never follow through with their suspicions. If you suspect a mistake was made and it resulted in serious injury or death, talk to Attorney Michael Healy about your rights and the investigation process for medical negligence. You and your family may be entitled to collect significant compensation for the harm that was done. We handle all types of malpractice cases,including surgical mistakes, failure to diagnose cancer, birth injuries, prescription errors,emergency room errors, premature hospital discharge, infections, and anesthesia mistakes.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a hit and run or other type of pedestrian accident, you can trust our Hawaii personal injury law firm to help you seek compensation for all the ways the accident has impacted your life. Attorney Michael Healy has helped countless residents hold careless drivers accountable for causing severe and life-threatening injuries in pedestrian accidents. Whether you or your family member was hit by a car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle, hiring our law firm can be a giant step in the right direction of achieving the compensation you need to cover mounting medical bills, lost income, property damage, and other expenses related to the accident. If you lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, we can help you move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit.


If you’ve become the victim of unwanted sexual advances in a work environment,the law firm of Attorney Michael Healy can help you understand the sexual harassment laws in Hawaii and your rights after an incident. Basically there are two types of sexual harassment recognized by the current laws — sexual advances intended as an abuse of power by a superior or influential colleague that put your job in jeopardy, and the creation of a hostile work environment through such actions as making degrading remarks, sending sexually-charged emails, sharing inappropriate memos, etc. from anyone in the workplace. Our legal team will help clarify the definition of harassment,investigate the circumstances surrounding the suspected workplace violation, and work to build a strong case against the person guilty of creating a hostile work environment. You may be entitled to significant compensation for the emotional harm that was caused.


Serious slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, from the post office to the grocery store to parking lots, schools, and banks. When a property owner or property manager puts people at risk by allowing unsafe circumstances to occur, debilitating injuries can cost victims hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Attorney Michael Healy can investigate the details of your accident, identify the hazards and their causes, and work to hold the right people accountable for your injuries. Situations such as unattended spills, broken stairs, chipped concrete, missing handrails, foreign objects in walkways, inadequate lighting, and other dangers can cause life-changing medical catastrophes like traumatic brain injury, neck and back pain, broken bones,and even internal injuries. Our experienced slip and fall legal team understands the mechanics that cause these types of injuries, and we will consult experts in the field of biomechanics and to demonstrate just how the hazard resulted in injury, and how it could have been prevented.